Peter Yencken is a guest instructor teaching four classes at CedarRoot this summer.  He has taught bow making and other crafts to both children and adults in Australia, Canada, and the United States for more than 15 years.  This summer he is teaching LEATHER CRAFTING, BOWMAKING, ARROW MAKING, and OVERNIGHT HUNTER/GATHERER WILDERNESS CAMP.  He is a multi-talented craftsman who describes his background and teaching style as: "Some of the main influences in my learning was growing up on a sheep station in Australia, working as a ski instructor, working as an instructor at the "Tom Brown’s Tracking and Wilderness Survival School" and getting a degree in Chinese medicine.  I believe that making things by hand that are usable in our everyday life, brings a sense of enjoyment not found in purchased items.  Joseph Kecskemeti (a Waldorf teacher from Australia) said in his experience that a person hand making something left a part of themselves in the object which is why there is such a wonderful feeling around hand made products.  My goal is to teach traditional skills in a way that makes the learning and the using relevant to our modern life.  So they are available to anyone inside of a busy modern life."


That individual, community and global stability will return by redefining prosperity.
That true prosperity is living a simple and considerate life.
Our authentic nature is to embrace the natural and cultivated phenomenon of our surroundings.
CedarRoot taps into that authentic nature by teaching skills that foster clarity, intelligence and strength.
— Scott Brinton, Director